SEO Solutions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and if your website is not already using it, you could be missing out on a lot of business due to no ever seeing your website or, not as many as could be seeing the website if you were using SEO. SEO is very effective at getting a website noticed on the internet and can be applied to websites by people like who specialize in website design, website development and applying SEO.

When you ask a search engine to make an internet search, it has criteria which it makes that search by and the same criteria dictates what position a website is placed on its list of results. As you will have noticed, when you make a search, thousands of websites are listed on that results list but it will be only the first few which are looked at. By the strategic placement of keywords in the text of a website, SEO will ensure that the website is quickly bought to the attention of the search engine so it is placed at the top of its list. This ensures that at least when someone makes a relevant search, your website will be one of the first to be seen.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising also comes under the umbrella of SEO but more commonly, as well as keywords, backlinks are used by SEO specialists. A backlink is the placing of a link to your website, on another website where visitors to that site are encouraged to also visit yours. This means that even when an internet user does not initiate a search, they may still be directed to your website. Obviously the more popular the website which is hosting your link, the more chance there is you will get visitors to your site.

As all visitors to your website are potential customers, the more visitors a website receives, hopefully the more customers that website’s business will receive. However, for a website to be effective in converting those potential visitors to paying customers, it must first be of very high quality , relevant and interesting. Many businesses make the mistake of creating their own website by using software like WordPress and although that may be fine, professional website designers, still often using WordPress, will make the site more appealing to internet users and therefore more effective.

The businesses whose websites are most effective in bringing a business more clients is one which has been created by a professional and had SEO applied by a professional. The difference between a self- made website and professionally designed website can make all the difference in today’s competitive business world. Those websites which have been created without help and have had no SEO applied to them are often ineffective and therefore cannot be classed as an efficient marketing tool whereas a professionally designed website, complete with SEO, is probably the best marketing tool available today, more effective than any number of TV or newspaper ads.

Jessica Parker