Ladies Suits

ladies suits

It may be because there are now more women entering into business than there ever has been before but whatever the reason, more women seem to opt to wear suits to functions rather than dresses. There is nothing wrong with this trend providing that those women realize that, just like men wearing suits, they only look good if they fit properly. Regardless of how trendy ladies suits may look, if they do not fit properly they will look out of place regardless of what the occasion may be. Often the better dressed men will have their suits made to measure to ensure that they do fit correctly and even then will check that they have been properly made to size. When checking if a suit fit properly, there are several things that a man can check once they try it on. First they must look at the shoulders to ensure that the seam runs in the middle of the shoulder and ends where the bone ends.

The position of the seam that joins the arm to the shoulder of the jacket should be in the same place as the joint joining the arm to the shoulder. If the suit jacket has two buttons, the top button or if the jacket has three buttons, the middle button, should not be below the navel. When one button of the suit jacket is fastened, the bottom of the jacket should not flare up as that will indicate that the jacket is too small. If the lapels of the jacket shove out in front of the body, it will indicate that the jacket is too big. With arms to the side, the knuckles of your hands should be level with the bottom of the jacket and jacket sleeves should stop where the thumb meets the wrist. Regardless of a man’s shape, the trousers should drape smoothly over the man’s rear end. The length of the trousers should be such that they touch the shoes but at the back should not reach further down than the start of the heel. This will usually mean that at the front, the trousers will have what is known as a trouser break, a wrinkle where the shoe prevents the trousers to falling down to their full length. This trouser break though, should be no more than just one single wrinkle.

Although obviously, a made to measure suit is always best as it certainly looks best but, if for some reason you need to buy an off the rack suit, you should ensure that you get it tailored to fit properly if you want to look at all impressive. Start by choosing a suit which is the closest to your size and then take it to a reputable tailor for adjusting. Once the tailor has finished, you can check it is the correct fit by the same criteria you would use for checking a made to measure suit. As made to measure suits can take time to be made properly, it is best to ask for a first fitting, weeks before you expect to first wear the suit.